Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

Watch Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control Online and Free

Enjoy Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control, this hottie will give you the best jerking today, so you better prepare! Just make yourself comfortable and let's enjoy this goodie together!

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She is one of the main exponents when it comes to BDSM! Mistress T will show you how obedience and servitude, humiliation and satisfaction, Piu-Piu and Frajola, Buchecha and Claudinho are mixed in the same pattern. Get ready to bump into this highly capable pornstar, son!

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

Where is she from?

This badass FemDom was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, on April 28, 1976. She is 1.52 tall and weighs 52 kilos. Mistress T is bi and maintains an open relationship.

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

How was your creation?

From a poor background, he hated church and school. She considered herself socially awkward and also lonely. Mistress T was attracted to teachers and disliked people her age. She didn’t feel like she belonged in her hometown and wanted to be an actress or a singer to become famous. Here is the spicy fruit of the exhibitionism that emerged in porn.

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

first gigs

Always super expert to win and save money! She was a babysitter, worked on farms and cleaned houses at a young age. At 15, she rolled and sold loose cigarettes to other students at school. Imagine! Detail that Mistress T did not like to smoke. Because blacksmith’s house…


According to Mistress T, the small rural area where she grew up was where the local Xoven drank and had sex to combat boredom. Between parties, exchanges and siriricas, she met a naughty little boy named Todd. And it was on a camping trip that she came in this young man’s mouth.

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control

Mistress T no PornHub

Active for four years on the badass site, it has almost 95k subscribers and more than 86 million views. She has also partnered with several other industry peers including Ceara Lynch, Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne, Princess Meggerz, Samantha Mack, Princess Rene, Domina Snow and Sarah Blake.


Coffee, drinks, friends and a good chat. Who doesn’t, isn’t it?? Mistress T also loves to go to fetish parties, gay bars and luxury lounges. She is a yoga practitioner and a vegetarian.


The term refers to dominating women within BDSM. Because Mistress T belongs to the group of those perva cruellas and makes videos with a vast repertoire of fetishes. She knows very well how to keep her moaning slaves on a tight leash.

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control


Sex as an art form in literature!! And so, BDSM has always revealed to us exceptional authors. “There is More to The Story” is the biographical book of the mysterious Mistress T who breathes her most powerful oxygen in the dark sex. The book costs R$ 105 and still has no translation into Portuguese.

Mistress T – A beautiful MILF in control


Mistress T is all independent. It takes care of its own business, including the technical aspects of its website, such as coding, marketing and everything else. Record and edit your own content. Your sex slaves are not contractors or professional porn stars, no. They are voluntary fans, friends and personal lovers, which is to give more emotion.

favorite authors

Books! Margaret Atwood, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins are Mistress T’s favorite authors. “Pulp Fiction”, “Fight Club”, “Wild Orchid”, “The Princess Bride” and “Forrest Gump” are part of the list of her favorite movies.

A imponente Mistress T

The purpose of this FemDom’s work is, through her blog, to be an inspiration to other women. Another thing he aims for is, through active and consensual sexuality, helping men not to objectify the female body. His BDSM is a mix of sex education, perversion and fun.

Links and Social Networks

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