Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Watch Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed Online and Free

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Name: Gabriela Cappellari
Age: 25 years
Profession: Camgirl
City: Curitiba (PR)
Instagram: @whitsugar.insta @g. Cappellari
Twitter: @whitesugarporn

Gabriela Cappellari

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Gabriela Cappellari is a novice reader of ours, she discovered Testosterone a few months ago, she came for the articles, but she stayed for the incredible and exuberant buttocks she found in this discovery, according to her.

Welcome to Testosterona. To begin with, how would you define yourself?

What a difficult question! Lol I’m a dreamer, I like to take a relaxed life, I consider myself lazy too, but very focused.

Are you studying or have you graduated? What is your area of ​​interest?

I have a degree in visual arts and I am a civil firefighter, I also have international certifications in programming platforms and robotics and sexcoach.

Gabriela, how is your work routine currently? Tell us a little about your activities

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

I wake up, clean my house, take a shower and go to the platforms I stream waiting for calls, I stop around noon to make my lunch, in the afternoon I dedicate myself to creating content for new packs and answering more calls, I like the night to see series.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Play Airsoft, play electronic games, enjoy my dog ​​and get plenty of sleep.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Dubai Norway and Ireland.

What dream have you not fulfilled yet?

The one of being absolutely rich kkkkk

What types of movies and series do you like to watch the most?

I don’t have a preference, I watch everything! My series bank has an incredible variety of watched episodes.

Indicate a movie or series that you love

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Dexter, the ending is kind of bleh, but I think everyone should watch it, Mindhunters too.

Now the theme is music. What musical style do you like the most? What artists or bands do you most enjoy listening to?

I’m not really one to stay in one band, but I think I always end up going back to Arctic Monkeys, but my musical style varies a lot with the moment I’m living.

What song can’t be missing from the sex playlist?

During sex, I like the sounds of sex kkkk, the wet sound, the moaning …

And who are the people who inspire you?

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

My father and mother, people always think that because I have the profession I have, I don’t have a good relationship with them, quite the opposite. They are my daily motivation and inspiration.

Do you have a personal project to share with us? Or take advantage of this space to tell our readers something new?

My project is to grow even more in these parts of pornography and if courage finally hits having a channel on Pornhub kkkk

Do you like sports? Do you cheer for any team?

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

I like sports in general, I was part of the Paraná handball team when I was a teenager, I grew up supporting Grêmio 😀

What’s the easiest way to conquer you?

Cooking for me and giving me gifts lol

What qualities do you most admire in people?

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

Sense of humor and intelligence of the world, not that specific intelligence of any subject, but people who always seek to know a little about everything and know how to talk about everything.

Since when do you follow Testosterone? What do you like most about the blog?

It’s been a few months, I like to see butts lol

What would you like to see in Testosterone?

Gabriela Cappellari – Dreamy and relaxed

I would like to see my work there.

Thanks for the interview. The space is all yours!

How do you get the rehearsal with the t-shirt? I wanted so much! Thanks for the opportunity

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